The Hipster Beard And Hair Combo

You’ve probably seen a guy rocking this combo if you live in a City with over a thousand people. It’s a great combo because you stand out but at the same time you don’t REALLY look that ridiculous, you just look like you jumped out of a 1950’s construction sight. I imagine some kind of inventor in his basement rocked this exact look and probably rode a bicycle with one giant wheel and one tiny one to get around town. Anyway thanks to our friends over at Mens Hairstyles the idea!



Long Hipster Hair

Below I’ve embedded pictures of longer Hipster style hair. Longer hair in the hipster trend is usually something you’d see a homeless guy rocking, but at the same time it has this air of mystique to it. There is no denying though, girls go CRAZY for a guy in a man bun. Take a look below!


Such simplicity but it gives so much character! The man bun is truly gods gift to great hairstyles.

Screening of Lionsgate's "The Devil's Double"

This is what a man bun would look like if it was not tied up, still great in my opinion!

Hipster Hairstyles

Nowadays it seems like the biggest trend among college students is the hipster fad. Hipsters rock trendy haircuts and trendy clothing but at the same time it’s not flashy or overly gaudy like previous trends (Lookin at you Jersey Shore Guidos)

Hipsters prefer a more simple, yet sleek and stylish look over the peacocky centre of attention looks of the past.

Unfortanetly this blog is about Hipster hairstyles, not hipster clothing (You’ll need to find another blog for that)

But if you’re interested in Hipster Hairstyles, Look Around my blog! Hopefully you’ll get some ideas.